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Chickens Eat Snakes?!?

You know being from the town referred to as the “poultry capital of the world,” I should know this. But nevertheless, I did not know. My backyard chickens are a key part in my composting. Even though chicken manure is considered a “hot” manure and hot manures are not great for Red Wigglers. It is great to use for heating up the my outdoor vessel composter. I do NOT recommend putting chicken litter straight on to Red Wigglers though. If you are using layer hens and feeding them layer type feed or mash its likely that the chicken litter will be too high in ammonia for direct application to a worm bin. Red Wigglers or Nightcrawlers. That’s just my take.

But, if you are making compost outside like I am and using that compost (once it is complete) as a bedding and light food supply for the Red Wigglers then it seems to work great.

As side from that, I think you will enjoy this quick clip, especially if you have backyard chickens and do not like snakes.