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Honda Generator eu2000i Overload

I know this doesn’t seem like it has much to do with worm farming but, this was a test to see if I could run an electric chainsaw off of my generator. Of course this has more to do with sustainable living and working the land. My logic is, once I have harvested the wood I need for fuel, the scrub (ie the small limbs) can be cut up used in my vessel composter and outdoor compost piles and eventually become worm bedding. Nevertheless, the test that I am running here had to do largely with electrical loads and capacities. Since the electric chainsaw that I am looking at is a 15 AMP chainsaw, I wanted to see how the Honda generator handled the load. Just so you know the Honda eu2000i is rated for 13.3 amps. The Dewalt circular saw I was using in this video is a 120 volt 15 amp saw.

I found the test to be enlightening and I hope you will too. Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments.