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How and Why to Use Worm Castings

In this video I wanted to cover some of the questions I get on how to use Worm Castings, and why should we use Worm Castings. It turned being a harder video than I thought because there was so much that I wanted to say about our product! I tried to keep it specific to a couple of main topics and groups of gardeners, while still addressing questions about directional usage.

Shifting what you know about chemical fertilizers to an organic process could have been a YouTube video all to itself. The main difference I have found between using chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer can be likened to eating. Would you rather have 1 meal to last you a week? Or would you rather have several meals during the week? Often times the results I get from chemical fertilizers seem like the plant uses the nutrients then acts like its starving a week or two later. Once I began experimenting with organic fertilizer/Worm Castings, I started realizing that the plant can feed on this for a much longer period. Not only can it sustain itself longer but the overall benefit from adding Worm Castings to my soil helps build up the soil!