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100% Organic Worm Castings 1 LB



Made in the USA 1 lb of Worm Castings from MidAmerica Compost Co. Achieve Amazing Results with Your Plants!Free Shipping in the U.S.


We are the #1 Worm Casting and Organic Fertilizer Producer in St. Louis! You can also see our product and read our reviews on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy! Our Worm Castings are screened down so that you receive more of the good stuff and less of what you don't want.


Worm Castings from all natural recycling practices from organic biodegradable matter. We provide a well-balanced, fully organic, natural fertilizer for others to use on their plants. The Castings are pet friendly, child friendly, and will NOT burn your plants or smell foul. They are also excellent for growing, Orchids, African Violets, All garden species, and Citrus. Whether you grow inside or outside, regardless of your zone, this 1 lb bag of MidAmerica Compost Co.'s 100% Worm Castings will be great for your plants year round!


You will receive 1 lb of 100% Worm Castings in a USPS Priority Flat Rate package. In order to get desirable results on your plants you can make “worm tea” and spray your plant. Or sprinkle some of the castings around the base of your plant as you would fertilizer and water in. Another method is to bury some of the castings along-side of your plant like a plant food stick.


– Converted to “worm tea” your 1 lb should cover about 2500 square feet or 1/16 acre.

-Used as a plant food or fertilizer, your 1 lb will suffice for approximately 6-9 plants.

Further instruction is included on the back of the label.

MidAmerica Compost Co. is Committed to Providing Organic Fertilizer by Recycling Waste to Enrich U.S. Soil.   


Thank you for your business!

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 6 cm


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