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100% Organic Worm Castings 2lbs


If you are looking for a all natural fertilizer that yields great results, our Worm Castings are the answer. If you are looking for a indoor fertilizer that does not stink and is pet friendly, this product is for you. If you need material for your seed starts, allow us to provide you with our high grade Worm Castings for awesome results. Our Worm Castings will not burn your plants when used as a fertilizer. Worm Castings are arguably the best natural fertilizer. Give ours a try today! Our Worm Castings are also excellent for orchids, roses, vegetable gardens and all indoor or outdoor plants. Made in the USA (St. Louis, MO) 2 lbs of Worm Castings from MidAmerica Compost Co. Our Worms are raised with a balanced diet of carbon and nitrogen in an optimum environment to provide the richest Worm Castings. We use all natural recycling practices from organic biodegradable matter. Our Worm Castings are screened down so that you receive 100% Worm Castings without any other unwanted matter. This is a 2 lbs. bag of 100% Organic, Red Wiggler Worm Castings. Included on our product bag are some basic directions for using the castings as well as our contact information. In order to get desirable results on your plants, spread the castings around the base of your plant as you would a traditional fertilizer and water in. Another method is to bury some of the castings along-side of your plant like a plant food stick. This approach helps water retention in your soil. Converted to “worm tea” your 2lbs will serve as natural pest control and should cover about 5000 square feet or 1/8 acre. Used as a plant food or fertilizer, your 2lbs will suffice for approximately 12-18 plants. We offer a full refund return policy.

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This is the best all natural fertilizer to use for those plants that need special attention. Our Worm Castings are from Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms. They a ferocious eaters but hands down, make the best fertilizer. Give or a try to today! 2 lbs of the best all natural fertilizer with a money back guarantee.

Also great for Orchids, Annuals, Perennials, and Seasonal Flowers. We have numerous feedbacks that attest to great results. Check out these photos and see for yourself…

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