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Worm Castings on Hale Haven Peachtree

In zone 7b a customer is using our Worm Castings on his Hale Haven Peachtree. He also provided some photos for us to see how he applied the organic fertilizer to his established tree. The tree was planted 2 years ago and is starting to bear fruit now. The peachtree was purchased from Stark Brothers nursery, which coincidentally is the oldest grower/nursery in the U.S. I’m partial to these growers because they are in Missouri like MidAmerica Compost Co. and started out as a small local business like us. A special thanks to this customer for sharing his photos and results of using our 2lbs of Worm Castings. It’s great to see more people taking personal responsibility of their own food production! Great work.

Hale Haven Peachtree with MidAmerica Compost Co’s Worm Castings applied
Freshly harvest Worm Castings added as tree begins to bear fruit!