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Worm Factory 360 Review and Tips

I wanted to share a review on the popular Worm Factory 360 from Natures Footprint. This is a great worm bin and composter for anyone. Since it uses the migratory tray method to expand, one can add food/waste on a “as needed” basis.

Hopefully, soon I will be able to offer these for sale here and provide support, and answer any questions you may have. In the review, I provide the current price on Amazon for these.

From my 2+yrs of using the Worm Factory 360, I have learned a lot about the bin management of Red Wigglers in this type of composter. There are a few things to lookout for when using the bin.

1. Airflow. You really want to be cognizant of getting enough airflow to and around this composter.

2. Use Red Wigglers. None of the data about the Worm Factory 360 supports the use of European Nightcrawler’s or African Nightcrawler’s, it is all based on using Red Wigglers (The Cadillac of Worms)

3. Stick to the informational packet you receive. Nature’s Footprint did an excellent job compiling a “Complete Guide to Vermicomposting” which you receive when you purchase this composter.

4. Have fun with it! If your not having fun, consider yourself as watching YOUR Red Wigglers produce the world’s best fertilizer right before your eyes! Or, think about how you are doing your part to reduce the amount of waste going to US landfills AND creating a healthier planet by producing organic fertilizer.

Happy Composting!